Does my Compressor fridge need 240V?

Generally, no.

If you're installing a DC compressor fridge into a mobile situation, like a caravan, camper trailer, boat or RV, we recommend installing a dedicated DC only fridge.

Secop Danfoss DC Compressor



It’s Simpler - 
Low power compressors, like the one above, run on DC only. If you buy a fridge with 240V built in, there’s a transformer attached to your compressor which converts the 240V power back to DC.

And Safer - There’s no need for 240V AC power in behind your fridge. 

They Run Cooler - By removing the 240V transformer, your cooling system will produce less heat.

And it's Cheaper to Install and Service - Less 240V cabling is required and there's less work for an electrician to service.


All of your DC lights and appliances can run directly from your battery bank. 

When 240V power is available, like at a powered camp site or marina, simply plug your smart charger into the 240V socket and the charger will correctly maintain your batteries. In this scenario, the amount of discharge of your batteries is so small that their long-term performance is not compromised.

We love keeping it simple!

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