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LPG Absorption or DC Compressor?

Choose the best upright fridge for your situation.

Here we provide a quick explanation on the differences between an Absorption and Compressor cooling system, and some advice on which type of fridge is best suited to different situations; Houses & Tiny Houses, Farms, Cabins and Camp Sites, Caravans, Camper Trailers, Boats and RV's

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DC 130 X 2

Does my Compressor fridge need 240V?

Generally, no.

If you are installing a DC compressor fridge into a mobile situation, like a caravan, camper trailer, boat or RV, we recommend installing a dedicated DC only fridge.

Here we'll explain why.

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Looking for a Portable Fridge?

BUSHMAN Portable Fridges and Arcticold are sister companies.

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