LPG Chests

Arcticold XD70 61L 3 Way Chest


61L 3-Way Fridge / Freezer

The XD70 is a recent addition to the Arcticold and Bushman family. A large, 61 litre 3-way chest fridge or freezer, the XD70 runs on Gas, 12 V, 240 V and carries a tropical “T” rating for operation in high ambient temperatures. This fridge requires a stable, level surface to work and runs for up to a month on a standard 9kg gas bottle. So it’s perfect for those long stints in the one place or as an extra storage fridge or freezer.

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Arcticold XCD 180L Chest Freezer


180L Gas/240V Chest Freezer

The XD180 Chest Freezer is now available and in stock. This is a brilliant freezer for bigger storage needs in any offgrid or alternative energy situation. At 180 litres this freezer will handle almost anything.

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